Avrrrinator Rev. A Updated


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Stop, blink and roll*

24 hours of AVR flashing, because why not?…

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Hardware Volume Controller

A DIY hardware-based volume controller…

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Tools for 3D Printing: What do I get?

Pocket level

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Printable divider for the 10164 storage drawer

A simple printable divider for a bunch of drawers…

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The Avrrrinator (Revision A)

avrrrinator rev a

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3D Printed Bus Pirate v3.6 Case (DP6037)

3D printing a Bus Pirate case…

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Raspberry Flavored Time (A NTP server on your Pi, tethered to a GPS unit)

2014/11/12: This article’s is in the process of being revisited. Please keep in mind that it is very old before using its instructions and resources.

GPS module connected to a Raspberry Pi (for accurate time keeping):

Adafruit Ultimate GPS v3

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AVR Programming with Adafruit's Atmega32u4


This guide will help you build your own LUFA AVRISP-MKII clone using the Adafruit Atmega32u4 breakout board.

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A bit of Ruby to start things off (I guess I should say ‘test’ in here too).

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

class Music
  attr_accessor :id, :artist, :title, :album

songs = Array.new

ARGV.each do |m|
  f = File.open(m)
  while (l = f.gets)
    info = l.split(';')

    if info.length > 0
      song = Music.new
      song.id = info[0]
      song.title = info[1]
      song.artist = info[2]
      song.album = info[3]
      songs << song

songs.each do |s|
  puts "#{s.artist} - #{s.title} - #{s.album}"

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