Dave (also: davidk, david) is the person behind open collector. I do a lot of prototyping work during my free time that often integrates 3d printing, programming and electronics.

This is mostly where I document things that don’t belong on other sites (thingiverse, forums), or are too long form for other mediums (like tweets).

For the other stuff, here’s a list..

3D Printables

For most of the things i’ve built/designed to be printed, check out Thingiverse and YouMagine.

The Github org, Collector3 also has version controlled copies and/or beta level designs.


GitHub has a bunch of random pieces of code i’ve written over the years, in various languages. Some of it is probably broken. Buyer beware.

Many are implementations of itches that i’ve wanted to scratch, or derivations of private projects that i’ve been able to open source.

PCBs / Boards / Electronics

For circuits and PCBs, OSHPark shared projects has a bunch of things i’ve gotten fabricated/released over the years. I’ve mostly converted to KiCAD, but some older projects may still be based on Eagle.

This section has some of the stuff that has been oddly popular over time. I can’t promise the jokes in these are up to date (nevertheless technical content).

  1. Raspberry Flavored Time (A NTP server on your Pi, tethered to a GPS unit)

  2. Electroscope

  3. A modular Raspberry Pi Camera Enclosure - Featured on YouMagine, as well as with its smaller, printed joint cousin


I build/break back-end cloud tooling (software) as a day job, specifically tailored to all things Linux.

Sometimes this leaks out into hobby work, and i’ll end up making single board computers do some lifting (home storage systems, PVR setups, sensor data collection).


Tweets are the best way to say hello. I’m @keyglitch on the bird site. I’m happy to answer questions on a project, but fixes can take some time.

E-mail is precarious. The spam filter is a grue.