Dave (also: davidk) is the person behind open collector.

I build cloud tooling software as a day job, mostly tailored to all things Linux.

Open Collector is mostly where I document long-form projects and/or things that don’t belong on other sites (thingiverse, forums, short tweets).

This is some of the stuff that has been oddly popular over time. I can’t promise they’re up to date as things move faster than I often expect.

Here’s a list of the other stuff, if you’re interested:

3D printables

I currently build a lot of enclosures for breakout boards. Maybe you’ve seen or used one? Check out Thingiverse and YouMagine. The Github org, Collector3 also has version controlled copies.

Most things will appear on Collector3 first since they don’t need full documentation + photos and act as a place where designs can be viewed as they evolve over time.


GitHub has a bunch of random pieces of code i’ve written over the years.

Many are derivations of private projects that i’ve been able to open source. Some of it is automation focused, especially around esoteric, bleeding edge things.

Likely in various formats/versions of Go, Ruby, C, Bash and/or Perl.

PCBs / Boards

For circuits and PCBs, OSHPark shared projects has a bunch of things i’ve gotten fabricated and/or released publicly.


Tweets are the best way to say hello. I’m @keyglitch.

E-mail is precarious. The spam filter is a grue.