Hi! I’m David. I also go by dave/davidk.

I work on cloud tooling and cloud infrastructure (starting from bare metal on up), mostly tailored to all things Linux.

This page is a collection of pointers to side projects, time permitting: mostly consisting of software, electronics and 3D printables.


GitHub has a bunch of things i’ve written over the years.

I have an interest in small embedded systems, so sometimes distributions and kernels that i’ve built end up there.


For circuits and PCBs, OSHPark’s shared projects has a bunch of things i’ve gotten fabricated.

If toys interest you:

electroscope, less copper

For slightly more practical things:

going overboard, the theme of everything here

  • The (now very out of date) stratum 1 NTP server has gotten attention over the years (and a lot of really great feedback, too):

    It’s very out of date now, but there are several places that have updated builds. If you’re interested, satsignal.eu has tons of up-to-date information in this area.

And for things that nobody asked for:

Avrrrinator v3

3D Printables

Sources usually appear under the Collector3 org since they don’t need full documentation.

Some of the designs have writeups here:

Printables out there in the world

Here are a few that i’ve spotted, or have spotted features for (i’m always really happy to see these, feedback is rare):


I’m on twitter as @keyglitch (for completed things) and similarly on @keyglitch@mastodon.social for in-progress work.

If you need help, please ask and i’ll do my best to help.

other things to ask about, croissants