Hi! I’m David. I also go by dave/davidk.

I work on the things that make up cloud infrastructure, mostly tailored to all things Linux.

This page is a collection of pointers to my side projects, time permitting: mostly consisting of software, electronics and 3D printables.


GitHub has a bunch of things i’ve written over the years.

I have an interest in small embedded systems, so sometimes distributions and kernels that i’ve built end up there.


For circuits and PCBs, OSHPark’s shared projects has a bunch of things i’ve gotten fabricated.

If toys interest you:

electroscope, less copper

For slightly more practical things:

going overboard, the theme of everything here

  • The (now very out of date) stratum 1 NTP server has gotten attention over the years (and a lot of really great feedback, too):

    It’s very out of date now, but there are several places that have updated builds. If you’re interested, satsignal.eu has tons of up-to-date information in this area.

And the somewhat obscure, but occasionally useful:

Avrrrinator v3

3D Printables

I’ve also dedicated a significant amount of time to producing enclosures for electronics, and other practical items.

Sources usually appear under the Collector3 org since they don’t need full documentation.

Some of the designs have writeups here:

Printables out there in the world

Here are a few that i’ve spotted, or have spotted features for (i’m always really happy to see these, feedback is rare):


I’m on twitter as @keyglitch (for completed things) and similarly on @keyglitch@mastodon.social for in-progress work.

If you need help, please ask and i’ll do my best to help.

other things to ask about, croissants