The Avrrrinator (Revision A)

avrrrinator rev a

A simple Bus Pirate v3 to AVR adapter. This was made to simplify wiring between the v3 Bus Pirate and an AVR ISP header. Tested with the BB313, and ATTiny4313/85s.

Add a 3 pin header and a jumper to power the target AVR from the Bus Pirate (for normal operation, programming, etc).

Check out the “Other work in this field” section below for other adapters as well (some of them support multiple protocols and programmers).

Make one for yourself

Grab a zip file of the entire repository by clicking here.

The .brd file is in the hardware/revA folder.

From there, you can generate your own Gerber files using Eagle and send them off, or use a service which processes the Eagle board file for you.

If you don’t already have a preferred fabricator, please give OSHPark a shot. OSHPark will take the .brd file, panel it and return your boards in a few weeks. It is also run by a very awesome person.

See the “Bill of Materials” section for information on parts.

Notes & next revision improvements

The silkscreen is really small in some areas. This will be changed in a future run. If making one for yourself, feel free to change the silkscreen text sizes around, and add a miniature dinosaur.

Bill of Materials


1x: Avrrrinator PCB


These parts are from Mouser:

1x: 151-8033-E - Red jumper for power selection

1x: 517-9612066404AR - 6 pin ISP header

1x: 649-68004-236 - Strip of header (enough for both the 10 pin Bus Pirate header and the 3 pin power select switch)


If you don’t already have the necessary cables, pick these up. Both are needed since one connects to the Bus Pirate, and the other connects to the AVR:

These parts are from Adafruit:

1x: 10-pin Socket/Socket IDC cable (6”)

1x: 6-pin Socket/Socket IDC cable (6”)

Optional parts

1x: 538-90130-1110 (Mouser) - BP box connector. This hasn’t been tested or soldered in, but it appears to fit comfortably within the layout of the board.


Bus Pirate AVR Programming

Other work

Dangerous Prototypes’ PIC+AVR programmer

A Bus Pirate Breakout Board for different protocols (which includes an ISP header)