The CR2032 tester in action

 On 2015-03-12 and filed under: cr2032 tester breakout pcb hardware

I dug up this image of the CR2032 tester with a coin cell inserted.

coin cell tester in action

The coin cell doesn’t have to be inserted completely for the tester to work, which reduces test time (no need to mess up/bend fingernails prying the battery out too).

The next best thing to add to this design would probably be a plastic non-conductive ejection system. But i’m not in the business of testing lots of coin cell batteries (yet).

CR2032 tester

 On 2014-06-29 and filed under: cr2032 tester breakout, pcb hardware

CR2032 tester

I was able to release a small breakout board based on a sample I received long ago from Texas Instruments. It is a CR2032 tester, based on the pretty accurate TPS3809L30DBVR part (which was derived from eevblog’s ĀµCurrent). The LED stops lighting up somewhere slightly at or below 2.64v, where most CR2032 coin cells enter end-of-life on the discharge curve.

Read more and get it made on the project page.

Panasonic PIR Breakout Board

 On 2014-05-02 and filed under: pir breakout


I’ve been working on some motion sensing stuff and stumbled across Panasonic’s PIR sensors. They’re not raw sensors, but come as a mostly all in one TO-5 package.

Since the package has slender, non-breadboard friendly pins, working with it was quite unwieldy, and required alligator clips (which got tied up in knots, required careful positioning, etc).

So here is a tested breakout board for the Panasonic PIR sensors. All the good bits of information (which sensors have been tested, vendor links, etc) are in the repository’s README (just scroll down).

If you prefer to use OSHPark’s fabrication services for purpleization, a link is included to a shared project. All you need to do is to click order.